It's been a year. Time to reboot the site again.

My tastes in blogging software continue to devolve. Two years ago I was using Blogger. Last year I set up self-hosted Wordpress. This year I am forgoing server-side software entirely and switching to static files generated from a local script.

Why do this? It is primarily out of preference for simplicity and absolute control over the site's presentation. Better security and being much cheaper to host are nice secondary benefits.

Most old posts have been removed because they were lame. The remaining have been retained in paraphrased form. Comment handling has been delegated to Disqus.

Will this new structure hold? I'll let you know next year.

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On a boat - 2013 edition

Another year, another boat. This is apparently now a thing with me.

It was back to the Eastern Caribbean this year, with ports in:

  • Miami
  • St. Thomas
  • Antigua
  • Tortola
  • Nassau

Excursions taken this time around tended to be incompatible with carrying a camera, so most photos are from aboard the ship. Sorry. Best way to see the sights is to experience them yourself.

Gallery of 64 images

Some of that water-powered jet pack in action:

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On a boat

I was on a boat - a 7 day cruise down the Eastern Caribbean.

I don't consider myself to be the cruising type, but certain circumstances obligated my attendance. To my surprise I found it to have redeeming value. A week of forced disconnect in a warm place in the middle of Winter has its appeal.

Ports on this trip:

  • San Juan
  • St. Thomas
  • Barbados
  • St. Lucia
  • St. Kitts

Customary roll of vacation photos follows:

Gallery of 193 images

One of the zip line runs from St. Kitts in poor quality video form:

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